Venice, I've been there twice,

a delightful old city that I immediately came to adore.

City of Casanova and beautiful life.


Paul Allen's 127m (416ft) "Octopus".

Microsoft's billionaire Paul Allen - worth US$20 billion

according to Forbes, the third richest man in America

and 7th in the world - owns two other megayachts

such as Tatoosh ranked 3rd in the World in 2003.

Octopus cost Allen over US$200 million and has crew of 60,

including several former Navy Seals.

It has two helicopters, seven boats,

a 10 man submarine and a remote controlled vehicle

for crawling on the Ocean floor.

Paul must spend a minimum of 10 percent of the

purchase price every year to keep these yacht

in good working condition and cover crew salaries.

Therefore “Octopus” which cost Allen US$200 million

requires a US$20 million annual budget.


GOT $20,000,000? CAN GET IT..